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To avoid confusion; MAG calls the TMP a Personal Defense Weapon or PDW, because it is not a Primary Weapon; and replaces your pistol in the Sidearm slot of your Armory.

The TMP is on the 2nd Tier of the Sidearm Skill Tree; and costs 3 Skill points. It replaces the 0cc pistol with a 200cc TMP so can be added to a load out for only 200cc. A Suppressor can be attached for 200cc more.

For all factions these weapons have the smallest ammo capacity, with the exceptions of weapons such as the RPG and Grenade Launcher. The S.V.E.R. variant has the smallest of the three, with a mere 13 bullet capacity, however with an extremely quick reload speed.


  • Sights
    • NONE
  • Firepoint
    • Suppressor .............200c (Undetected by sensors when firing, but decreases accuracy.)
  • Underbarrel
    • NONE

Tactical Machine Pistol Comparison ChartEdit

Numbers are from 0 to 8.0, except Capacity.

Mp pmc
Name Faction Weight Accuracy Stability Damage Rate Of Fire Capacity
KP7 Raven 200cc 2.61 7.42 2.89 8 20
Kurtis 45ACP S.V.E.R. 200cc 2.62 7.23 3.31 6.77 13
Hollis MP Valor 200cc 2.625 7.30 2.97 7.5 15

Based on Rudi's info.

Name Faction Damage DPS Rate Of Fire Reload Time Capacity
KP7 Raven 19 237 750 2.25 sec 20
Kurtis 45ACP S.V.E.R. 21 221 632 2.5 sec 13
Hollis MP Valor 20 235 705 2.25 sec 15

Faction Tactical Machine PistolEdit