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One of the four game modes available in MAG, and unique among the modes as the only one which has no direct effect on the shadow war. Consisting of 64 players, the only objective is to get as many kills as possible. It is used as a type of 'training ground' where new players can get their bearings before moving on to battles that actually affect the Shadow War. When a player enters a Suppression match, a small gauge is placed at the top of the HUD, showing two bars, one blue, one red. The blue bar represents your team's resources and the red, your enemy's, making it possible to monitor who is winning. The game ends when either team's bar is reduced to nothing, resulting in victory for the other team

Neutral MapsEdit

As of the 1.07 patch, Suppression is no longer PMC-specific and all maps can be attacked by all PMCs.

Mode infoEdit

Time Limit: N/A (Game continues until one team has run out of reserves)

Size: 64 Players (2 teams, with 1 platoon of 32 players max, separated into 4 squads of 8 players, on each side) Victory Conditions: Drain the OPFOR (OPposing FORces) Reserves bar to 0

Defensive Structures: None

Vehicles: None


Damage is inflicted to a teams Reserve bar at each Respawn, and is calculated via the number of players respawning back into the fight. Being revived by a medic, does not inflict damage to a Team's Reserves.


Don't bleed out, if your team has a medic that's near by, let them revive you.

Prevent the enemy from doing the same, by either finishing off a downed opponent (Use your pistol or knife them if you have some time) Or by using methods that increase the chance of killing them right away. These methods include Headshots (particularly with stronger weapons, such as Sniper Rifles and LMGs), Explosives (Hand grenades, Grenade launchers, and direct impact Rocket launchers, all of which are almost 100% guaranteed to kill an enemy), and Melee knife attacks

Always have a partner. If you go alone, it makes it that much easier for a few guys to take you down, with a partner, you can keep each other at full health as well as taking down enemies quicker.