The Support Branch of the Skill Tree contains the most important skills of MAG; the Medkit and it's upgrade, Resuscitation.

Refer to Athleticism Branch for branch style.

Tier 1Edit

Gear: Medical KitEdit

2 Skill points, Support, Gear, 1000cc

The Medkit allows the player to heal themself and others, with the resuscitation skill it allows players to raise incapacitated players.

Improved RepairingEdit

1Skill point,Support, Passive Skill

Increases the speed at which you repair vehicles and infastructure.

Tier 2Edit


2 Skill points, Support, Passive Skill

Will revive a player to 50% of their max health.

Improved HealingEdit

3 Skill points,Support, Passive Skill

Increases the rate at which health regenerates after healing.

Tier 3Edit

Improved ResuscitationEdit

5 Skill points,Support, Passive Skill

An advanced version of the Resuscitation Skill. Will revive a player to 100% of their max health.

Note: You do not need Resuscitation to get Improved Resuscitation