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Squad leaders are below all other leaders, but above their squad mates. Their job is to lead the squad throughout the mission by setting FRAGOs for the squad to complete. Squad leaders can also call in airstrikes and UAV's. When volunteering to be a squad leader, a soldier should be prepared to direct their teammates by communicating with them via headset, selecting FRAGOs and by setting waypoints on their select menu map.

Squad leaders get 3 leadership points for a Major or Minor Defeat, 8 leadership points for a Minor Victory, and 10 for a Major Victory. These leadership points are needed to become a Platoon Leader and an Officer in Charge (at 100 and 350 leadership points respectively).

Requirements Edit

  • Level 15

Buffs Edit

There are 4 perks a squad leader has, and they are:

  • Rapid Fire - Decreases weapon reload time of squadmates in your proximity.
  • Shallow Breath - Increases resistance to gas grenades for squadmates in your proximity.
  • Moving with a Purpose - Increases movement speed of squadmates in your proximity.
  • Stay With Me! - Increases incapacitation time of squadmates in your proximity.

Tactical Edit

Squad leaders have two abilities that can be used plus the ability to set FRAGOs, what the abilities are depends on if they are attacking or defending.

Attacking Edit

These abilities CAN NOT be used until the AA battery is destroyed.

  • Cluster Bomb - Calls in a cluster bomb to kill enemy infantry.
  • Recon UAV - Releases a UAV in the area called upon, making a scan-like effect on the minimap and revealing all enemy units.

Defending Edit

These abilities can be used until the Attackers destroy the Artillery Platform.

  • Guided Artillery - Calls down a special artillery bomb that destroys vehicles instead of infantry. Useful in taking out the Attackers' APCs.
  • Mortar Barrage - Calls down a rain of artillery on the targeted location.

Communication Edit


  • Whenever some other squad leader in your platoon uses an ability, it places a global cooldown on all the Squad Leaders' assets in your platoon. This is placed to prevent 4 artilleries/airstrikes hitting at the same place at the same time.
  • The attackers' abilities cannot be used when the Anti-Aircraft battery is up, regardless of how far away your selected target is from the Anti-Aircraft battery.
  • Contract rewards from both Acquisition and Domination provide bonuses for squad leader abilities. A contract in Acquisition will give a 5% boost to a squad leader's passive area bonus, and a contract in Domination will give reduce tactical strike cooldown time by 5%.
  • It is a good idea if you are in a leadership position to go where most of your squadmates go, because the more people that get the leader's buffs the better that squad, platoon, or company will do.

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