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While sounding simple, the Sniper is very difficult to distinctly classify, and they frequently change roles to suit the battle. Every sniper has a different way of doing things; and most won't bother explaining it to you. To repeat an important point, the difficulty of sniping is discovering where you are needed most. A sniper can kill fifty of the enemy in an assault; yet have been completely useless to their platoon. You have to learn to focus on Operational Security. This means securing the routes your assault team is reinforcing from, or clearing enemies advancing towards an objective. Counter-sniping is often more crucial than targets of opportunity, and operational security can often call for a weapon that is not a sniper rifle. Quality snipers use a vehicle gun effectively without moving the vehicle much. Good snipers use an RPG to secure their area. Better snipers know when to use an Assault Rifle with a 4x scope, bipod and suppressor.

General UsesEdit

Snipers are the soldiers that can (efficiently) shoot/kill enemies at long range, although this can be anyone. Snipers generally use the principle of isolation-ism because any other soldiers moving around can attract unwanted attention from the enemy. Some snipers are more along the lines of marksmen, or soldiers that can kill at longer ranges than their teammates, but not past the 120m mark. Marksmen generally use the Tier One sniper rifles with a foregrip as it allows them to shoot better while on the move. When playing as a sniper, a headset is helpful so you can relay enemy positions to your teamates. Have at least one sniper, but no more than three, in your squad to help soften then enemies up.


The following skills are considered Sniper: