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Shotguns are vicious short range weapons; toppling all but a heavily armored opponent with Increased Health if all pellets connect. The pellets spread fairly quickly though, making any fights beyond ten meters very tricky. The 4cc Shotgun is one of the first weapons available for purchase in the Supply Depot, and is a great starting weapon for new players. Improved Stability reduces the heavy kick of the shotgun. Reload Speed will be handy. A Reflex Sight can be equipped for 1cc, this will not increase the accuracy of the weapon; though the additional auto aim on the Reflex Sight may be useful at slightly longer ranges. Recommended to be used with the upgraded sidearm or only while defending interior objective due to the fact that upon equipping the shotgun your pistol is now your long range weapon.

Shotgun MechanicsEdit

All MAG shotguns use 6 small pellets of 'shot' to deal damage. On firing, the shot spreads out from the barrel until it hits something. Each piece of shot can hit anywhere inside a cone shaped area, the size and therefore how much chance of hitting the target you have is determined by the distance you are from your target.

Faction ShotgunsEdit

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Raven Close QuartersEdit

Boudini 12 Gauge
  • Accuracy: 1.0/8.0
  • Stability: 2.9/8.0
  • Damage: 5.1/8.0
  • Rate of Fire: 2.375/8.0
  • Capacity: 8 'rounds loaded by hand 88 'rounds in reserve.
  • Reload Time: Slow (full reload)

"A respectful entry in its class, the Boudini 12-gauge shotgun lacks credibility at distance but packs a brutal punch at close range."

The Raven shotgun has a fairly quick reload time and faster refire time. There is a noticeable drop in damage and accuracy when the target is more than 10m away. Very good shotgun although it takes time to master for some people.

S.V.E.R. Close QuartersEdit


  • Accuracy: 1.0/8.0
  • Stability: 2.8/8.0
  • Damage: 5.1/8.0
  • Rate of Fire: 2.125/8.0
  • Capacity: 9 'rounds loaded by hand 90 'rounds in reserve.
  • Reload Time: Very Slow (full reload)

"The T-195 12-gauge shotgun gives the soldier few options at long range but more than makes up for this with superior firepower at close range."
The S.V.E.R. shotgun is a good shotgun, but difficult to use effectively as all shotguns are. It has a slight advantage in refire time in comparison to the Valor shotgun.

Valor Close QuartersEdit

12 Gauge Pump

  • Accuracy: 0.9/8.0
  • Stability: 2.8/8.0
  • Damage: 5.1/8.0
  • Rate of Fire: 2.0/8.0
  • Capacity: 10 'rounds loaded by hand 90 'rounds in reserve.
  • Reload Time: Very Slow (full reload)

"The 12 gauge's pump action gives it a slow rate of fire, and it is ineffective at long-distance combat, but it is harder to find a better weapon for close quarters combat."
Valor's ten shells almost definitely makes this the best of the shotguns although it has the slowest refire time. Overall the shotguns are all very similar weapons.

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