The Shadow War is a fictional war that begins in 2025. It provides the basis for conflict in the MAG universe. As the world's governments decide to end war once and for all, no one is ever going to pass up power. Now, Private Military Corporations (PMCs) fight secret battles for control of contracts that provide them with the financial means to survive. Three of these PMCs, Valor Company, Inc., Seryi Volk Executive Response, and Raven Industries, GmbH, have now pulled ahead and constantly wage war to determine who will control the Shadow War.

War is waged in remote locations away from public view, hence the name, "Shadow War". Each of the three PMC's fight for control over what is left of the Earth's resources, such as oil, land, and renewable forms of energy using billions of troops and war machines. The PMC's have also had many skirmishes to protect or steal each other companies secrets in vehicle technology and other intelligence information. While battles are carried on in secret, on the surface the PMC's are performing humanitarian aid services and providing protection to their regions of service.

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