When activated, this device cloaks the soldier and any nearby squadmates from enemy sensors. Similar to the Skill Tree unlockable Improved Stealth, although the Sensor Jammer is more effective as it blocks all types of detection at all speeds, whereas Improved Stealth blocks everything, as long as you are not sprinting.

What are its effects?

The Sensor Jammer completely blocks any scanning done by enemy Sensor Sweeps and Motion Sensors that creates a “dead zone” area for nearby squadmates (50 meter radius).

Is it stackable with other Skills?

No. No other skill affects the Sensor Sweep. But Improved Stealth helps you stay hidden from the Motion Sensor.

Do you have to activate it for it to work?

You do not. The Jammer is a passive gear item and only needs to be present in your loadout inventory to work. You cannot turn it on or off.