The Repair Kit is used to repair Structures, and is available by default. Engineers use the repair kit to repair high value assets and vehicles.

Gear repairkit
Different structures have different repair times, however there are two basic repair times, long and short

Short: Structures with short repair times include roadblocks, gates, and vehicles; taking about 20 seconds to repair (or even faster with Improved Repairing.)

Long: Structures which take a long time to repair include bunkers, anti-aircraft batteries, mortar batteries, sensor arrays, and motor pools. The Repair Kit will take about 30 seconds to repair these, but Improved Repairing. reduces the amount of time needed.

The repair kit can also be used to damage enemy vehicles and turrets. Although it will leave you vunerable so it is advised not to do so.

Important NotesEdit

  • The ability Improved Repairing can be purchased to decrease repair time. (Need Improved Repairing times.)
  • Repairing a structure gives the player one experience point every 5 seconds, and the F.R.A.G.O. doubles this when/where applicable. (However, this bonus does not change with Improved Repairing)
  • Repairing stacks, thus with two people repairing, the speed of repairs doubles
  • The player is highly vulnerable while repairing a structure, as light emitted will attract the attention of enemies at all of ranges.

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A Repair Kit

The Repair Kit is the same for all three factions.