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A soldier's Primary Weapon is a soldier's best friend. These are the larger weapons such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, SMGs, and Light Machine Guns. Typically, Primary Weapons have a higher damage outputs and more accuracy than secondary weapons.

Types of Primary WeaponsEdit

Primary weapons include assault and sniper rifles, submachine guns (SMGs), and light machine guns (LMGs).

Assault RiflesEdit

Assault rifles are typified by a mid-high rate of fire, decent accuracy, and a mid-high damage output. They can be equipped with attachments such as Reflex Sights and other sighting attachments, suppressors, and foregrips. There are nine different Assault Rifles, three for each faction.

Sniper RiflesEdit

Sniper rifles are typified by high damage output, high accuracy, and either bolt action or semi automatic rates of fire. They can be equipped with sight attachments, foregrips, bipods, and suppressors (except for Tier 3 rifles, which does not accept a suppressor and has a bipod pre-attached). There are 12 sniper rifles, four for each faction.


Shotguns are typified by slow rate of fire and high damage output, but only at very close ranges. Bullet spread also allows it to hit multiple enemies at once. It reloads one bullet at a time, so you are able to shoot mid-reload, even if your clip isn't completely full. It can kill enemies with one hit when in knife range, but normally take 2-3 shots to down. They can be equipped with a reflex sight, and are affected by the passive skills in the close quarters tree. They have a low weight and use no attachements, making them good for heavy equipment builds.

Submachine GunsEdit

Submachine Guns, or SMGs for short, are typified by a mid-high damage output, mid-high accuracy, a high fire rate, and short range. Their greatest asset is their decent effectiveness for a mere 4c, allowing for heavy equipment loadouts. However they are plagued by low accuracy and are ineffective at long range combat.

Light Machine GunsEdit

LMGs don't actually weigh more than the top Assault Rifles. They shoot fast, kick hard, have drum or box magazines, and tend to have low accuracy. However, they can still hit targets at great distances using burst firing or can keep up a stream of bullets similar to a turret. Light Machine Guns can equip a Reflex Sight, Foregrip, and a Bipod. Using a bipod or foregrip on an LMG greatly reduces kick, a bipod or foregrip is recommended to increase stability.

Medium Machine GunsEdit

Medium machine guns operate is the same way as Light machine guns. They do, however, have a lower fire rate but increased damage. Like the Sniper rifles, MMGs can damage structures like vehicles and turrets.