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Platoon Leader is the command position given to a player who has leadership abilities in battle. Platoon Leaders are above Squad Leaders, but below the Officer in Charge. Basically in use during Acquisition and Domination matches, they are in charge of 1 Platoon, or, 4 Squads. They do not set FRAGO's but tell the squad leaders what to do. As Platoon Leader, you have access to more powerful abilities than that of a squad leader.

Requirements Edit

  • Level 15
  • 100 Leadership Points

Buffs Edit

The Platoon Leader has the same perks as the Squad Leaders with 4 additional perks. Those are indicated in bold

Tactical Edit

Attacking Edit

  • Precision Strike - Calls in an airstrike to take out an enemy structure.
  • Strafing Run - Calls in a fighter to make 3 passes over your target with its machine gun. Strafes the area in about ~5 second intervals.

Note: DO NOT use these abilities while the Defenders AAA is still operational in that sector.

Defending Edit

  • Sensor Sweep - Shows enemies near operational equipment and assets like Bunkers and AAA.
  • Gas Bombardment - Shoots down "Gas Shells" to the designated area, leaving a huge amount of poison gas clouds.

Communication Edit


  • If you're going to be a platoon leader it's highly recommended you get a headset.
  • When the AAA is going down while attacking and you are the Platoon Leader, try to make sure that the squad leaders don't call a strike. You're Precision Strike and Strafing Run are much more powerful than theirs. So make sure that they don't make you wait. In that time, they could get the AAA back up and you lose a chance to move forward.
  • When the enemy AAA is down, use your Precision Strike to destroy a bunker that your platoon is most primarily occupied with. If this bunker goes down, your platoon will overwhelm the other 3 bunkers
  • The Platoon Leader Area of Effect buff along with Improved Explosives brings the time of Arming/Disarming a charge to 0.5 of a second! If you are the Platoon Leader, be involved! You have the capability of running in while a huge firefight is going on and disarming a charge before the enemy can say "Medic!"
  • It is a good idea to go where most of your platoon mates go, because the more people that get a leader's buffs the better that sqaud, platoon, or company will do.

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