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The pistol is a 0c default sidearm, it can have a suppressor, and is affected by lowered sidearm reload speed and increased swap speed, and increased refire time. It is one of the only two sidearms available. Either the Pistol or PDW (TMP) must be equipped. There are 3 pistols, one for each faction.

The pistol is an effective alternative to reloading. In the middle of a firefight, it is typical for a soldier to run out of ammo (Unless they are using a light machine gun). In this case, players usually dance around until they've finished reloading, and begin unloading bullets again. To avoid this dance of death, a pistol upgrade is quite valuable, especially for players who don't use light machine guns, and who use snipers. Instead of waiting for your reload on your gun, quickly switch to your pistol, and utilize that instead. A pistol usually takes about 3 good body shots (4 or more if they're armoured enough), but if you've already hit them a couple times, and just need that last shot in, the pistol is your choice.

Another use for pistols is there effectiveness for players who enjoy shotguns. The shotgun is massively effective 10 metres or less, but not so much at a distance. Though the pistol doesn't give the player the same amount effectiveness over a distance as say an assault rifle would, it will still be able to help you fight at a distance, rather than always running around trying to get as close as possible. If not killing the enemy, the pistol can be used to at least harm the enemy, making him easier to kill once you are in range for your shotgun.


  • Sights
    • NONE
  • Firepoint
    • Suppressor .............200c (Undetected by sensors when firing, but decreases accuracy.)
  • Underbarrel
    • NONE

Pistol Comparison ChartEdit

Numbers are from 0 to 8.0, except Capacity.

Sa pmc
Name Faction Weight Accuracy Stability Damage Rate Of Fire Capacity
F57 Raven 0c 2.11 6.5 4.64 2.86 20
IZ-443 S.V.E.R. 0c 2.07 5.62 5.07 2.53 17
M9 Valor 0c 2.125 5.97 5.0 2.72 15

1.07 Comparative Analysis

Pistol 107 stats

Based on Rudi's info.

Name Faction Damage DPS Rate Of Fire Reload Time Capacity
F57 Raven 48 177 222 2 sec 20
IZ-443 S.V.E.R. 52 162 187 2 sec 17
M9 Valor 50 166 200 2 sec 15

Faction PistolsEdit