The motion sensor detects nearby enemy movement even if you don’t have a line of sight to them. Enemies have to be moving faster than a crouch walk to be detected. Detected enemies (with or without the motion sensor) show up as red dots on your mini-map and will put a red indicator above each enemy’s head even if they are behind cover or obscured by smoke. Squadmates within range will also see this information. You will hear an audible beep when the sensor has detected an enemy. Enemies with the Improved Stealth skill will only be caught by the motion sensor if they are sprinting.

The Motion Sensor can be avoided by:

  • Remaining still, crawling while prone, or crouch-walking
  • Purchasing the Improved Stealth skill (sprinting with L3 will still be detected)
  • Being under the cover of the OIC area buff
  • Using a Sensor Jammer

Tip: This is a great gear item if you’re sneaking around behind enemy lines with a suppressed weapon – you can see the enemy before they see you!

From the Official MAG BlogEdit

Motion SensorEdit

The Motion Sensor detects nearby enemy movement and displays the data on the mini-map and CNI. It does not detect non-moving (or dead) enemies.

What are its effects?

The Motion Sensor will detect any moving character within an approximately 40 meter radius. However, enemies must be moving faster than a “crouch-walk, as the sensor won’t detect crouched or crawling enemies.

Is it stackable with other Skills?


Do you have to activate it for it to work?

No. The Motion Sensor is a passive gear item and only needs to remain in your Loadout inventory to work. It can’t be turned on or off.

Miscellaneous Tidbits:

  • If an enemy character has the “Improved Stealth” ability from the Athleticism tree, they will be able to fool the Motion Sensor if they do not sprint.