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The Medkit is a Tier 1, Gear Branch, for 800 Credits, 10cc tool. It can heal a nearby teammate as well as yourself to 100% health; and should not be confused with the First Aid Kit which can only be used on your own person.
Gear firstaidpack
  • Once activated, there is a 5 second recharge time before it can be used again.
  • Each resuscitation is worth 5xp for half health resuscitation and 10xp for a full health resuscitation (using the Improved Resuscitation skill).
  • Healing a teammate rewards some experience every second (based on health recovered) until the person receiving the healing is at full health.
  • It has a range of about 5-10 Feet.
  • You must be able to see your target (direct line of sight), so you can resuscitate a team mate though a window but not a solid wall


  • Nearly everyone who gets a Med-kit also gets the two point upgrade Resuscitate; which allows you to return downed players to 50% health. You cannot resuscitate a killed player.
  • If you get Improved Resuscitate, you can respec and skip the first Resuscitation skill, giving you two extra skill points to allocate elsewhere!!
  • Quick XP with med-kit:
Play on suppression mode with mesh armor. Don't bother shooting anyone and stay on the friendly side of the map. Every time someone's health decreases or are injured heal them. Generally, doing so in a FRAGO objective area will be of greater help, as you will get double points for all healing and resuscitating. If you keep doing this, you could get an average of about 200-600 points.
Note: to do this, you will need the Resuscitate skill.
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A Valor soldier with a Medical Kit.

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A Medical Kit