Medals and Ribbons are awarded and viewed in your Barracks. They should not be confused with the PlayStation Trophies, which are viewed in your PlayStation menu.

Ribbons are awarded for completing specific requirements in a single battle. Medals are awarded for completing specific requirements in your whole career (with the exception of the Streaker Medal).

Ribbons can be earned countless times whereas Medals can only be achieved once a career.


All Ribbons are earned in a single battle.

Grim Reaper kill 35 enemies
Purple Heart 30 deaths
Mr. Badwrench destroy 5 vehicles
Butterfingers 2 kills self
Bunker Buster destroy 2 bunkers
Gold Field Engineer repair 2 bunkers
Silver Field Engineer repair 1 bridge
Wrecking Crew destroy 3 roadblocks
Bronze Field Engineer repair 2 road blocks
Party Crasher destroy 3 gates
Gate Keeper repair 2 gates
Mortar Demolition destroy 2 mortar batteries
Mortar Support repair 2 mortar batteries
Total Blackout destroy 2 sensor arrays
Network Support repair 2 sensor arrays
Marauder plant 3 explosive charges
Bomb Squad disarm 3 explosive charges
Master Engineer repair 250 units of damage
Silver Cross heal 250 units of damage
Purple Sidekick 15 assists
Longshot 3 kills over 120m
Silver Bullet kill 10 enemies with headshots
Golden Cross revive 15 allies
Combat Mechanic repair 2 vehicles
AAA Demolition destoy 1 anti-aircraft battery
AAA Support repair 1 anti-aircraft battery
Combat Assault kill 25 enemies with an AR
Combat Fragger kill 10 enemies with hand grenades
Combat Melee kill 15 enemies w a knife
Combat Machine Gun kill 25 enemies with an LMG
Miner's 10 mines placed
Combat Launcher kill 5 enemies with a rocket launcher
Combat Shotgun kill 25 enemies with a shotgun
Combat Sidearm kill 10 enemies with a sidearm
Combat Sniper kill 25 enemies with a sniper
Combat SMG kill 25 enemies with a smg
Armchair General kill 30 enemies with a turret
Rocket Man kill 3 enemies with a bunker turret rocket
Road Rage run down 5 enemies
Screaming Eagle 15 parachutes
Jump Start capture 2 points in Interdiction
Mowing the Grass 10 kills with a vehicle turret
Dashed Hopes 2 mines w/ gunfire
Cannonball Ralley MVP (1,2,or 3) in Interdiction


Medals are awarded based on your entire career.

Grim Reaper 2000 kills
Purple Heart 1000 deaths
Vanguard 100 primary objectives
Mr. Badwrench 100 vehicles destroyed
Butterfingers 50 kills self
Bunker Buster 50 bunkers destroyed
Gold Field Engineer 25 bunkers repaired
Silver Field Engineer 10 bridge repaired
Wrecking Crew 100 roadblocks destroyed
Bronze Field Engineer repair 50 roadblocks
Party Crasher destroy 100 gates
Gate Keeper repair 50 gates
Mortar Demolition destroy 50 mortar batteries
Mortar Support repair 25 mortars
Total Blackout destroy 50 sensor arrays
Network Support repair 25 sensor arrays
Marauder plant 200 explosive charges
Bomb Squad disarm 100 charges
Master Engineer repair 10000 units of damage
Silver Cross heal 10000 units of health
Leader of Men 1000 leadership points
Purple Sidekick 1000 kill assists
Streaker 15 uninterrupted kills
Longshot Medal 50 kills over 120m
Skeet Practice kill 100 paratroopers
Silver Bullet kill 1000 enemies with headshots
Golden Cross 500 teammates revived
Combat Mechanic repair 25 vehicles
AAA Demolition destroy 100 anti-aircraft batteries
AAA Support repair 50 anti-aircraft batteries
Vehicle Support repair 50 motor pools
Bad Commute destroy 100 motor pools
Assault Master Specialist kill 1000 enemies with an AR
Master Fragger kill 500 enemies with grenades
Melee Master Specialist kill 1000 enemies with a knife
Machine Gun Master Specialist kill 1000 enemies with a LMG
Miner's 100 mines placed
Launcher Master Specialist kill 50 enemies wilth a rocket launcher
Shotgun Master Specialist kill 1000 enemies with a shotgun
Sidearm Master Specialist kill 250 enemies with a sidearm
Sniper Master Specialist 1000 kills with a sniper
SMG Master Specialist kill 1000 enemies with an SMG
Armchair General kill 1000 enemies with a bunker turret
Rocket Man kill 50 enemies with a bunker turret rocket
Road Rage run over 250 enemies with a vehicle
Grizzled Veteran 100 battles completed
Thor's Hammer win 100 battles as an attacker
Athena's Shield win 100 battles as a defender
Golden Gallipolli 50 battles lost as attacker
The Alamo 50 battles lost as defender
Elite Trooper 100 major victories won
Gold Command Medal 100 battles won as squad leader
Gold MVP 25 1st place MVP
Silver MVP 25 2nd place MVP
Bronze MVP 25 3rd place MVP
Top Squad 25 top squad
The Comeback Kid 1000 spawns
Screaming Eagle 500 parachuting
Roadside Assistance 10 Interdiction control points captured
Landscape Architect 50 kills w/ vehicle turret
EOD 20 mines destroyed by gunfire
Designated Driver 5 Interdiction MVPs

Ribbon FarmingEdit

This is where players complete several criteria for ribbons in just a single battle earning a large amount of experience by doing so. Here is an example of how to get 5 ribbons in a single match.

Butterfingers ribbon - kill yourself 5 times, Marauder ribbon -10 explosives planted, Screaming Eagle ribbon- parachute 15 times, Purple Heart ribbon- 30 deaths, miners ribbon-plant 30 mines,

I suggest joining a attacking Sabotage mission to do this:

  • Create a build with low AR and mines
  • Plant 2 mines then kill yourself (Marauder 2/10, Butterfingers 1/5, Miners 2/30, Purple Heart 2/30), repeat 5 times to get Marauder and Butterfingers (Marauder 10/10, Butterfingers 10/10, Miners 10/30, Purple Heart 10/30)
  • Do ten more mine plants and kill yourself ( Miners 30/30, Purple Heart 30/30)
  • Now begin at objective C, parachute in and either get killed or fake kill yourself (e.g. mortar yourself). Repeat this 15 times (Screaming Eagle 15/15)
  • you have now gained 5 ribbons!

The easiest way to achieve multiple ribbons is to overlap the requirements. The best way to accomplish this is to specialize. For example if your a sniper then pick out some ribbons which are specialized to that.

Here's one: Longshot ribbon- 3 kills from 120m Silver Bullet- 10 headshots

By getting your first three headshots from over 120m, you achieve the Longshot ribbon and are on your way towards the Silver Bullet ribbon. Your next 7 headshots are up to you. (HINT: The closer you are to the target the easier headshots become, but its also easier for the enemy to snipe you!) An assault rifle farm: For three ribbons

  • Grim reaper-35 kills
  • Combat Assault
  • 30 Assault Rifle kills
  • Combat Launcher-5 RPG kills
  • Kill 30 enemies with an assaalt rifle ((by choosing a difficult map to attack e.g. valor (defending) vs sver (you attackin) you guarantee yourself 20 minutes of battle))
  • Kill 5 enemies with your RPG (easier than you think if you aim at windows and doorways, considering the amount of snipers who use them)
  • Gaining 35 kills activates the Grim Reaper ribbon

And here is a RPG farm:

2 ribbon objective: Mr Badwrench-Destroy 5 vehicles Combat Launcher-kill 5 enemies with the RPG

  • Ambush tanks with mines or RPGs.
  • Shoot down copters with RPG's.
  • fire RPG's into spawn points, bunkers, snipe zones (windows, doorways) and objectives for your five RPG kills.
  • It is very likely that when you destroy a vehicle that you will kill the pilot achieving one or two of your RPG kills

Remember! By doing this you are effectively removing yourself from the battle, if you have a few pro's in your squad then this isn't really an issue. But if there arent you could lose the battle for your team! think hard on this, and check out your squad's levels at the start. A few level 40's are usually a good sign. Most players wont mind if you're low-level and are doing this but if you are higher than you have the ability to do more in battle than just to farm exp.