In 2025 the world is seemingly at peace. But under the surface a war rages. This “Shadow War” is the secret conflict fought between Private Military Corporations (PMCs) vying for dominance across a global battlefield.The following is a sequence of events that helps explain how the Shadow War came to be and a history of the MAG world from 2014-2025.


  • Valor Company, Inc. was threatened by a rival PMC to have its board members removed as revenues dried up, and public opinion was unfavorable.
  • Millionaire Gregory Cavanaugh bought Valor. He immediately installed his own group of board members. In a short period of time, Valor managed to receive several high-profile contracts, which once again put them back on top.


  • With ever growing tension and instability in Central Asia, Priya Khan was encouraged to form a new type of Private Military Company.
  • Khan created the PMC SVER. She then stacked it with the best assassins, mercenaries, and street-warriors available. Many of these people were recruited heavily from Central Asia's criminal underworld.
  • SVER developed as a "people's army" that would do anything to advance their cause.


  • Public support for the war reached an all-time low. This led to many so-called "peace contractors" being developed.
  • The peace contractors presented themselves as the best options for government organizations, who wanted to protect their own interests.
  • Antoine Jeannette, a billionaire who saw an opportunity in these developments, founded Raven Industries, GmbH. He then determined that his PMC would focus on the utilization of the most advanced weapons, vehicles, and weaponry that money could buy.


  • Russia, China, and India developed the non-aggression pact entitled the Sino-Indian-Russian Strategic Alliance Treaty or, as it was commonly referred to, the SIRSAT.
  • With the signing of the SIRSAT, there were hopes of preventing a complete global meltdown in a world devastated by plummeting currencies, food shortages, and depleted food supplies.


  • The aftermath of the SIRSAT led to the creation of the European Treaty Organization (ETO).
  • With the creation of ETO, NATO disbanded, as most European nations had already withdrawn from the organization.
  • Despite growing economic collapse worldwide, ETO prospered. Many nations across Eastern Europe and Central Asia began applying for membership.


  • ETO began developing the European Missile Defense System (EDMS).
  • The development of the EDMS was met with sharp global criticism and opposition. This opposition eventually led to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from ETO.
  • Canada, Mexico, the United States, and the United Kingdom combined forces in a new treaty coalition, entitled the United Coalition (UC).


  • New hopes of peace were restored when the Millennium Accord placed severe restrictions of troop deployments and troop sizes.
  • Since governments were unable to deploy troops to many regions without violating this accord, the demand for professional soldiers increased greatly.


In 2025, the Shadow War begins.

  • The three biggest PMCs -- Valor, SVER, and Raven -- begin their private "shadow war." All three begin vying for financial dominance. They often strike out in unofficial battles that are hidden from the public's knowledge.