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Light Machine Guns (LMGs) are support weapons, which can be moderately accurate if specific attachments and tactics are employed. Firing in bursts allows them to engage longer range targets, and using their full auto function converts them into man-portable turrets. As LMGs have greater stopping power and a larger ammo supply than assault rifles, an LMG with a foregrip and reflex sight can be used in place of the latter. Light machine guns are also great for all levels; plentiful ammunition and forgiving handling characteristics allow beginners to learn the ropes, and more experienced players can use them to pin down entire enemy squads. Light Machine Guns are also helpful in an 'Alamo' situation (in which enemies are closing in, and no Resupply Points are nearby) thanks to their nearly bottomless magazines.


  • Relatively low weight; no more than a top tier Assault Rifle
  • Large magazines, which give greater staying power
  • High rate of fire, giving LMG wielders an edge against body armor


  • Low accuracy, which increases players' tendencies to "spray 'n pray"
  • Strong recoil, which can hamper long range accuracy
  • Lengthy reload time, which can be a liability in close quarters


  • Reflex Sight for more precise aiming
  • Foregrip for reducing recoil while standing
  • Bipod for reducing recoil while prone. Can also be used for staic machine-gunning.

Light Machine Gun Comparison Charts File:Heavymachinegun.pngEdit

Numbers are from 0 to 8.0, except Capacity.

Mg tier1 pmc
Name Faction Weight Accuracy Stability Damage Rate Of Fire Capacity
APEX 100 Raven 6c 3.78 7.0 4.0 6.78 100
RTK-74 S.V.E.R 6c 3.77 6.92 4.09 6.46 75
MK46 Mod0 Valor 6c 3.78 6.98 3.95 7.08 100

Name Faction Weight Accuracy Stability Damage Rate Of Fire Capacity
APEX 100SE Raven 6c 3.78 7.0 4.09 6.46 100
RTK-74 VIa S.V.E.R 6c 3.77 6.92 4.09 6.75 75
MK46 Mod1 Valor 6c 3.78 7.13 3.95 7.29 100

Light Machine GunsEdit

The Light Machine Guns are more stable than the medium machine guns with less stopping power but a higher rate of fire and accuracy along with slightly increased stability. Many soldiers prefer this tier because of this, although the extra power of the medium machine gun is significant.

Other Light Machine GunsEdit

Valor M245

S.E.V.E.R. Ariet SFW

Raven KP21

Medium Machine GunsEdit

For the medium machine gun page click the link below.

medium machine guns