The Heavy Branch of the Skill Tree is mostly the LMG branch with a side order of RPG. All skills in this branch are classified Direct Action.

Refer to Athleticism Branch for a sample branch article.

Tier 1Edit

Machine Gun: Reload SpeedEdit

1 Skill point, Passive Skill

Increases reload speed with Light Machine Guns.

Machine Gun: Reflex SightEdit

2 Skill points, Accessory, 100cc

increases accuracy of the weapon, increases autoaim and autoaim snap when raised.

Machine Gun: BipodEdit

2 Skill points, Accessory, 200cc

greatly increases a weapon's accuracy when deployed. You must be prone to deploy the bipod.

Tier 2Edit

Rocket Launcher: Reload SpeedEdit

1 Skill point, Passive Skill

  • Reduces the reload speed for rocket launchers by about half.
  • This skill is very useful for loadouts that use launchers often, as reloading a launcher takes a considerable amount of time, and it's only 1 point.

Rocket Launcher: Tier 2Edit

5 Skill points, Weapon, 1000cc

Can lock onto targets.

Machine Gun: ForegripEdit

2 Skill points, Accessory, 200cc

increases accuracy while moving.

Tier 3Edit

Machine Gun: Improved StabilityEdit

3 Skill points, Passive Skill

Reduces recoil.

Machine Gun: Tier 2Edit

5 Skill Points, Weapon, 800cc

Raven: KP45 MG


Valor: MK43 Mod 1