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The grenade launcher is an attachment for the assault rifle that can be bought in the supply depot for 10,000 CP. It is the most expensive weapon attachment available and it equips on the under-barrel slot of the Assault Rifle. The grenade launcher does not double as a grip, and does nothing to improve accuracy or stability. The grenade launcher is often referred to as a Noob-Tube because of its high power, however it is usually used by more experienced players due to the relatively large investment necessary in obtaining it. It is a good alternative to the Rocket Launcher if you're seeking to quickly storm an objective, due to the fact that the Rocket Launcher will slow you down, while the Grenade Launcher won't. The Grenade Launcher has 3 grenades, which can be re-obtained at Resupply Crates, Bunkers, and/or APCs.

Strategies and HandlingEdit

First, to switch to the GL, press R2 two times. At first, the Grenade Launcher will get you a few suicides as the grenades go off after touching anything past 5 meters rather than a 3 second fuse. After getting used to this, however, the GL can become a devastating weapon. Because it's impossible to tell if you are aiming bullets or a grenade, the GL can be a good surprise weapon. Because the grenades travel in an arc, aiming above and ahead of a mid range opponent is vital to stay alive. It is not recommended to use this near allies, the contact-detonation means that allies won't be able to get out of the blast. If you pick up a GL-equipped enemy gun, it will be hard to tell at first glance as the first-person view doesn't give a good view of the GL, to make sure it has a GL, just tap R2 two times.