The training level in MAG is there to help the player get familiar with the controls and control points. This mode gives a one-time experience boost.

Suppression (64 players)Edit

No Level Requirement

Straight-up Team Deathmatch

Only mode that does not contribute to the Shadow War.

As of 1.07, all PMCs can fight each other in a random map.

Sabotage (64 players)Edit

Must be at least Level 2 to play

Attackers must infiltrate rival communication facilities and hold two control points at the same time.

Once achieved, a final demolition objective is revealed and must be destroyed to win

As of 1.07, Sabotage has gone neutral, meaning all PMCs can fight on all maps.

Acquisition (128 players)Edit

Must be at least Level 4 to play

Escort style requiring attackers to steal two protoype transports from a rival faction and escape to the extraction point.

Interdiction (128 players)Edit

DLC Content

Interdiction is a game mode where two PMC's fight over three neutral objectives. This game mode is very vehicle heavy and has no set bases or routes.

The only tactical structure is a mortar battery.

Domination (256 players)Edit

Must be at least Level 8 to play

Attackers start scattered along the map edges and move on foot or ride a transport vehicle. Defenders must take outer defensive positions to meet the oncoming attackers. For the defenders to win, they must prevent the pumps from reaching 100% damage for 30 minutes.

For the attackers to win, each platoon must do the following:

  1. Secure and hold both burn-off towers.
  2. Once achieved, they then need to secure and hold both cooling towers.
  3. Finally, overload and hold the pump stations (A+B, C+D, E+F, G+H).

Along the way, the attackers should also take out the Anti-Aircraft Emplacement, Bunkers, Mortar batteries and Sensor Arrays for an easier game.

Escalation (96 Players)Edit

DLC Content Escalation is a game mode that is fought between three PMCs at once on a neutral map. There are four control points, A through D. Three outer controlpoints, A-C, is set in the corners of a triangle and D in the middle. Each PMC spawns in a region between two of the outer control points.

The objective is to capture two of the points A-C. When one PMC has two of these D is unlocked and A-C is locked down. Now the PMC that captured the two control points previously want to defend D. As soon as they lose D everything is reset and the control points no longer belongs to any PMC.

On the escalation maps there are no tactical structures or vehicles besides the spawn points.

Multiqueue (64-256 Players)Edit

Multiqueue is an option that puts the player in queue for any game mode (excluding Training). Depending on how many game modes are selected, 20% for each selected game mode. The XP bonus can range from 0% to 120%. Stacks with "happy hour" bonus.

This has replaced the Directives option as of the 2.10 patch.