An essential piece of equipment when breaching an enemy stronghold, is a pair of grenades that cost 400cc and can be applied to either gear slot, or the heavy gear slot. A player starts with 2 grenades at spawn and can refill at resupply points, and friendly bunkers. With the Advanced Grenades skill, a player can toss a grenade up to approximately 17m to 22m.

Grenades are best used when clearing out large groups of enemies defending a point. Players should be careful that there are no allies nearby before they throw grenades, and should also be aware of nearby objects that a badly thrown grenade might bounce off of, back towards the player.

Grenades can also damage and destroy APCs.

The grenades used by Valor are modern U.S. Military "Baseball" grenades, Raven's grenades are likely surplus "Pineapple" grenades left over from WWII from the Allies' militaries. S.V.E.R grenades are NOT fragmentation grenades at all; they are white phosphorus grenades that are basicly burst incendiary weapons, however any difference in the grenades are purely asthetic.

Other grenadesEdit

Smoke grenade

Poison Gas grenade

Flashbang Grenade


MAG™ Screenshot112

A Valor soldier with a Valor frag grenade.

MAG™ Screenshot8

A Valor Frag grenade

MAG™ Screenshot11

A S.E.V.E.R Frag grenade

MAG™ Screenshot5

A Raven Frag grenade