The explosives detector gives the engineer the ability to see mines at a longer range, even when blocked by terrain or solid objects.

What are its effects?

The Explosives Detector automatically detects mines, charges and all other emplaced bomb types. The device will initiate a warning tone when the player is within 40 meters of a deployed explosive and displays an icon showing its type (Claymore, Anti-Tank, etc.) over the bomb’s location on your HUD.

Is it stackable with other Skills?


Do you have to activate it for it to work?

No. The detector is a passive gear item, and only needs to reside in your loadout inventory. It cannot be turned on or off.

Miscellaneous Tidbits:

You can shoot an enemy mine to set it off. The explosive detectors vary in size depending on the PMC that has them. From largest to smallest they’re SVER, Valor and Raven.

Tip: You can shoot a mine to cause it to detonate (or blow it up with a grenade) – just make sure you’re at a safe distance!