The Electronics Branch of the Skill Tree is entirely passive gear that are always on when equipped in your armory.

Refer to Athleticism Branch for a sample branch article.

Tier 1Edit

Gear: Acoustic LocatorEdit

2 Skill points, Gear, 200cc

This will update your radar with enemy locations once gunfire is picked up.

Tier 2Edit

Gear: Explosives DetectorEdit

2 Skill points, Gear, 300cc

This Device detects enemy mines in your area. Detected mines show up as HUD icons on your screen that flash red. You’ll also hear a detection tone when they first come in range.

Tier 3Edit

Gear: Sensor JammerEdit

3 Skill points, Gear, 400cc

This device will entirely cloak you and any nearby squadmates from enemy radar.

You will not appear on enemy radar when an enemy Sensor Sweep is active. It also shields nearby squadmates (50 meter radius) from the Sensor Sweep. The jammer has NO effect on other enemy gear like motion trackers or acoustic locators.

Tier 4Edit

Gear: Motion SensorEdit

5 Skill points, Gear, 800cc

The Motion Sensor points out everyone on the mini map that is moving.

Note: The motion sensor does not show people who are not moving, are dead or have Improved Stealth and are not running.