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Classes are defined by their role in a battle. Often that role requires certain pieces of gear, but there is usually a little flexibility with your primary weapon and armor type.

MAG offers a broad range of equipment and training to suit the needs of players. You have 5 load outs which are highly customizable to enhance your skill set. Due to weight restrictions, you'll find that you are limited to several types of general class types, familiarize yourself with them all; as other PMC's provide very similar equipment.

You have five load outs available to you; with your final rank, you should be able to load all the variations of a class type, or with some creative "specing", some variations of two or three classes. It is wise to first gain the Medic kit and then gain the resuscitation out of the support teir (4 Points). Remember, one loadout should always have a repair kit as you may not be able to help your squad out and gain essential frago's and xp points.

These are short descriptions of the classes, advanced tactics for each class and more specific class variations can be found on the class chapters of this manual. You will very rarely use one class variation for an entire battle, and instead will shift your role when needed.

The different classes are shown below: