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C4 charge

C4 is a small, remote detonated, plastic-explosive, that is used to destroy high value targets such as Mortar and Anti-Aircraft batteries in Acquisition and Domination matches as well as the data banks in Sabotage matches. It cannot be used in combat, only to destroy objectives.

Normally, it takes about 5 seconds to arm the C4, but with the platoon leaders bonus Cut the Blue Wire (Buff), or the Advanced Explosives skill it takes only 2.5 seconds to arm.

On all targets, the C4 has a 30 second charge.

Be AwareEdit

  • Get a good distance away from something being blown up, somewhere you can take cover. The blast can be unexpectedly strong.
  • Make sure your enemies are away from the area you plan to blow up.

C4 TacticsEdit

  • If you are marking a target where a bomb is likely to be set, let the enemy crouch down to plant before you start shooting them.
  • To make sure no one removes your bomb, throw a gas grenade at the target area, making it an almost guaranteed success.
  • If you don't use gas grenades, plant mines when you are done to stop the first guy that gets there.