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AR Bipod
The Bipod is a 200cc underbarrel attachment, which greatly increases the weapon's accuracy when used. The player must be prone to deploy the bipod.

While deploying, the player will look down the scope. The user cannot move nor look up or down.

There are two different bipods in the Supply Depot.

The light bipod can be mounted on Light Machine Guns, Tier 1, 2, and 4 Sniper Rifles, and some Assault Rifles.

The heavy bipod can only be mounted on Medium Machine Guns and Tier 3 Sniper Rifles.

Bipods are commonly used on Sniper Rifles to stabilize a shot but can also be effectively used for automatic weapons to fire an accurate stream of bullets at the enemy. The bipod can almost completely remove all recoil, making it excellent for defending a position.