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Attachments can be purchased in the Supply Depot and are unlocked as you go up in level. At the end of every match, the player earns Credit Points (CP) based on a number of factors in the game. Additional CP is earned as a reward for unlocking ribbons and medals. With those points, it is possible to buy attachments. The attachments look different on every faction, but have the same use. The three positions for attachments (primary) are underbarrel, sight, and firepoint. Underbarrel includes foregrips (non CQB/ tier 3 sniper only), bipods (non-CQB only), and grenade launchers (assault rifles only); sight includes reflex (non-snipers only), 4x optical scope (non-LMG/CQB only), and higher power scopes (sniper only); firepoint only has a suppressor (non-LMG/ tier 3 sniper/CQB only). Secondary weapons only contain firepoint, thus only suppressors.

The attachments list in more detail is as follows:

Assault RiflesEdit

Sub-Machine GunsEdit


Light/Medium Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RifleEdit

Tier 1Edit

Tier 2Edit

Tier 3Edit

Secondary WeaponsEdit