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Assault Rifle: Reflex Sight
This reflex sight uses advanced optic technology to enhance target acquisition and increase accuracy.
Class: Rapid Assault
Cost Weight
2 100c
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The Reflex Sight is an add-on for assault rifles, making it easier to effectively aim at a target when aiming down the sight. It helps out at taking out targets at medium/long ranges, but it does not improve the weapon's hip-fire accuracy.

The Reflex Sight is absolutely key to combat in forest areas, where there are lots of shadows. Normally, the normally black iron sights blend into what you are looking at, making it difficult to accurately shoot a moving target.

The Reflex Sight also sits higher on the gun than the iron sights. With Tier 2 and Tier 3 assault rifles along with LMGs, the Reflex Sight is key. The higher tier rifles and LMGs have much more muzzle flash, and it often obscures vision when using iron sights, leading to an inability to attain sustained accurate fire. The Reflex Sight overcomes the problem.

Considering that it costs so little (both to buy and to equip) while it gives so many advantages, the Reflex Sight is a must.