The Armory is where you set up your equipment and customize your character's look.

Each piece of Equipment has a weight value in cc, the lightest items are 100cc, heaviest are 1000cc not counting Primary Weapons with several attachments. The lightest load out possible is a 300cc SMG, 0cc Pistol, 200cc Light Armor, and no gear; totaling 500cc.

The maximum weight allowance is 3400cc.

Can only hold primary weapons, you must equip a primary weapon, the minimum for this slot is a 300cc Submachine Gun.

You also must equip something in the Secondary Weapon slot, normally a 0cc pistol. The only other choices available are trading the Pistol for a 200cc TMP and an optional 100cc Suppressor for this the Pistol or TMP.

Any Gear item except RPGs. Can be left empty.

Any Gear item except RPGs. Can be left empty.

  • Heavy Gear Item

Any Gear item, the only slot that can hold an RPG. Can be left empty.

Must select between three armor types, 200cc Light Armor, 400cc Improved Light Armour, 600cc Medium Armor, 800cc Improved Medium Armour,1000cc Heavy Armor and 1200cc Improved Heavy armour (DLC). This is also where you customize the look of your character by putting on helmets, face items and choosing the color scheme of your armor.

Primary WeaponsEdit

Tier 1 Assault Rifle: 500cc

Tier 2 Assault Rifle: 700cc

Tier 3 Assault Rifle: 800cc

Tier 1 Light Machine Gun: 600cc

Tier 2 Light Machine Gun: 800cc

Tier 1 Sniper Rifle: 600cc

Tier 2 Sniper Rifle: 700cc

Tier 3 Sniper Rifle: 1000cc

Sub Machine Gun: 300cc

Shotgun: 400cc

Secondary WeaponsEdit

Pistol: 0cc

TMP: 200cc


Frag Grenade: 400cc

Smoke Grenade: 200cc

Poison Gas Grenade: 500cc

Anti-personnel Mine: 800cc

Anti-tank Mine: 600cc

First Aid Kit: 600cc

Medical Kit: 1000cc

Repair Kit: 1000cc

Acoustic Locator: 200cc

Explosives Detector: 300cc

Sensor Jammer: 400cc

Motion Detector: 800cc

Heavy GearEdit

Tier 1 Rocket Propelled Grenade: 400cc

Tier 2 Rocket Propelled Grenade: 800cc


Light Armor: 200cc

Improve Light Armor: 400cc

Medium Armor: 600cc

Improve Medium Armor: 800cc

Heavy Armor: 1000cc

Improve Heavy Armor: 1200cc


Suppressor: 200cc (Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle {Tier 1 & Tier 2}, Pistol, TMP)

Reflex Sight: 100cc (Assault Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Shotgun)

4x Optical Sight: 200cc (Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle)

Foregrip: 200cc (Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle) [free on raven tier 2 assault rifle]

Bipod: 200cc (Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Sniper Rifle)

Grenade Launcher: 400cc (Assault Rifle)

Low Power Scope: 300cc (Sniper Rifle)

High Power Scope: 400cc (Sniper Rifle)

Variable Power Scope: 500cc (Sniper Rifle)