The Armored Personnel Carriers, or APCs, serve as a mobile spawn points for the attacking team in Acquisition and Domination, and for both teams in Interdiction. APCs have 5 positions including driver, gunner, and 3 rifle ports for passengers to fire from. They can also carry another 3 passengers giving it a capacity of 8 (this is due to the fact only members of the squad the APC belongs to can enter it). It generally takes up to 3 RPGs or 3 Anti-Tank Mines to destroy the APCs. The driver can run over players to kill them, though it often takes more than one hit to kill someone wearing heavy armor or better. As for the turret it is an auto-cannon with a slower rate of fire than the ones on light support vehicles, but it does more damage and even has a splash effect. Each faction's APCs are based on a real life APC.


Valor Infiltrator

Valor's InfiltratorEdit

Eight wheels, eight passengers and one hulking 30mm turret, the Infiltrator is the ultimate in armored personnel carriers. With heavy combat armor, smoke screens and enough supplies to last a week this platform is guaranteed to get you in and out before the opposition knows what hit them.

Based on the Canadian LAV-III.

Brawler 2

Raven Brawler

Raven's BrawlerEdit

The Brawler represents years of combat driven innovation which culminates in an APC that affords both shelter and ample combat effectiveness to its occupants. Complete with a 30mm cannon, coaxial machinegun and resupply capabilities, this vehicle is capable of penetrating deep into enemy territory and bringing everyone safely back to base.

Based on the Austrian Pandur II

Loggerhead 2

S.V.E.R. Loggerhead

S.V.E.R.'s LoggerheadEdit

Comfortably sharing tight spaces is the essence of comradeship, and there's no better place to do this while riding into combat than in the armored hull of the Loggerhead. With a rugged chassis, 81mm smoke grenade launchers and a hull bristling with weaponry, this APC is sure to leave a marked impression on your foes.

Based on the Russian BTR-80A