Anti-Tank Mine
Anti-Tank Mines cost 600cc and come in 3s. Placing a 4th mine or changing to a class without mines causes first mine to disappear. It takes 3 mines to destroy an APC, which is the same amount as the number of RPG shots needed to destroy one.

Placing an Anti-Tank MineEdit

Placing the ATM takes 2–3 seconds and it isn't a good idea to go in the middle of a road where a firefight is going on.

Specific List of Good Mine LocationsEdit

Valor Domination: There are usually routes an APC can take around the roadblocks on a Valor map. Placing Anti-Tank mines directly in these paths can ruin a skilled APC-driver's day.

SVER Domination: On major roads, especially just past the bridge and around corners. Beware - Placing near the bridge is risky, since the enemy will very commonly have snipers on the other bank of the river.


  • When placing an ATM one may be sniped. There is a simple way around this. Deploying smoke grenades in the snipers line of sight or around the ATM placer will create a visual barrier for the snipers making it a lot harder to be sniped, allowing for the player to place all 3 ATMs.