Claymore AP Mine


Used as a pre-cursor to battle to protect areas of the map, doorways, and generally found near campers. You'll notice, if the mine is blue and appears while approaching it than that's a mine set by someone on your team. However, If the mine is undetectable or appears red (with proper equipment) than it was set by an enemy should be destroyed at your earliest convience. You can destroy a mine by shooting it, blowing it up with a grenade, or for the noble, a mine can be destroyed by throwing yourself on top to protect your fellow man. Destroying an enemy AP mine by means other than by proximity detonation (gunfire, grenade,rocket,tactical strike) will grant the player who destroyed it +5 exp. The exception to this is with the shotgun, where every pellet fired from the shotgun can hit the mine and grant the player +5 for every pellet that strikes the AP mine, often giving the player +10, or +15 for destroying them with a single shotgun blast. AP mines can be destroyed by mere proximity to a tactical strike. If planted inside a building and a strike hits the roof of the building, the AP mines will be destroyed. When placed, the proximity trigger on the AP mine will trigger when a player walks on top of it, or within a small frontal arc in front of the mine that extends ~ 8 meters. The damage from the explosion is most powerful directly in front of the AP mine and will lose a good deal of its damage potential quickly the further out the triggering distance is.

In a standard loadout, no more than two anti-personnel mines can be carried or planted by any player at once. If a player attempts to plant a third AP mine, the first one they planted will disappear.

A standard Anti Personnel mine will not always kill a player who has both the 120 health and explosive resistance skills. A strategy for defeating players who won't die from a single AP mine is to set them in a formation with an overlapping explosive radius at a choke point, this will allow you to direct the full damage of both mines in a single direction. Keep note however that placing the mines too close together will simply result in one AP mine destroying the other. Therefore, no AP mine should be placed within 5m of another one. Due to the fact that distance is always displayed on friendly claymores, this is an easy rule of thumb to follow.