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One of the four game types available in MAG. Made up of 128 players, 64 versus 64, this game mode is the second largest in the game, followed only by Domination. Fought between two PMCs, this mode makes use of Platoon Leaders, as each side is made up of two Platoons of four Squads. There is no OIC in this game mode. The main goal of an attacking acquisition team is to capture a prototype APC, better known as an Escort Vehicle. There are two fronts, one for each platoon, with a total of eight bunkers, two Anti-Aircraft Artillery pieces, two Mortar Battery, and two Sensor Arrays, as well as four motor pools and a variety of gates, roadblocks, and bridges for each faction.


Winning/Losing ConditionsEdit

Win Conditions for the Attackers (Opposite for Defenders)

MAJOR VICTORY: Capture two vehicles in under 20 min

MINOR VICTORY: Capture two vehicles over 20 min

MINOR DEFEAT: Capture 1 vehicle

MAJOR DEFEAT: Capture no vehicles


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Here is a list of structures found in all Acquisition maps:


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Escort VehicleEdit

Raven transport vehicle

Raven transport being stolen

The Escort Vehicle is a prototype APC that the defending faction has been developing. It is noticeably different from a normal APC, with more height, and a block style. The vehicle has more armor than a normal APC, and thus takes more damage. However, it can be damaged from small arms fire, as well as anti-vehicle weapons. A Heavy Machine Gun turret is available for a passenger, and any member of the attacking faction can drive, man the gun, or sit in the rear. The Escort Vehicle on your side of the map is always considered a Primary Objective.


The main primary purpose of the Defenders is to prevent the attackers from stealing the prototype vehicles stationed deep inside the Defenders' base.

There are 2 major bases for the Defenders, one for each Platoon. Every 8-man squad starts off in one of the 4 bunkers on the front lines, with a major factor of the game standing between winning and losing; the front gate. Zipper has designed the game so that that one single gate is the one and only possible route out of the base to hijack the prototype vehicle. Behind the front bunker lines is the AA gun, in which it prevents the Attackers from Parachuting and deploying in Helicopters.

If they break through the front lines, the defenders still have 3 main assets to use; Sensor Station, Vehicle Depot, and Artillery Platform. If the Defenders are indeed pushed back to the Prototype Vehicle, the main, and sometimes only, goal left is to prevent the Attackers from hijacking the Prototype Vehicle.