This device greatly enhances the distance that you can detect enemy gunfire. Detected enemies (with or without the acoustic locator) show up as red dots on your mini-map and will put a red indicator above an enemy’s head, even if they’re behind cover or obscured by smoke. Enemy shot sounds show up as white effects on your screen in the direction they’re coming from. All squadmates will also see this information.

Note: Like all gear from the Electronics Skill Tree, you must equip the Acoustic Locator in the Primary, Secondary, or Heavy gear slot and it will always be active on that loadout.

From the Official MAG BlogEdit

Acoustic LocatorEdit

The acoustic locator amplifies and locates enemy gunfire, providing enhanced threat detection. The locator highlights enemy weapon fire on the CNI and mini-map at far greater ranges than normal.

What are its effects?

The Acoustic Locator increases the range at which players can detect enemy fire. If you have this item equipped, you have a detection advantage of 75 meters over a player who doesn’t have it equipped. As an added bonus, the benefits of the Acoustic Locator are passed on to the rest of your squadmates.

Is it stackable with other Skills?

Yes. Players can use the Acoustic Locator in conjunction with the “Improved Shot Detection” skill from the Athleticism tree. As a benchmark, Improved Shot Detection increases your detection range by 3x the player’s default range.

Do you have to activate it for it to work?

No. Though it must be in your loadout inventory like other passive gear items, this device is always on and cannot be turned off.

Miscellaneous Tidbits:

  • Every weapon has its own unique sound signature which effects how likely you are to hear it firing within your detection range.
  • Suppressors always mask fire detection, even if you’ve equipped the skill and gear item.
  • A detected enemy name displays at greater distances, but only when they fire (and for a few seconds afterwards).


This item is very cheap and very valuable ... pay attention to your mini-map and HUD!

If you play with a group or clan, be sure to designate one team member to carry an Acoustic Locator to provide the benefits for your whole squad!